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DP70s in Austria

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 24.01.2008
Bregenz Metro Kino
Graz KIZ Royalkino, formerly Girardi (*»P) / "Royal English Cinema"
  Image by Franz Oberthaler

Two DP70 (1727+1728).

One DP70 (172_) removed 15.02.2012, and replace by a digital projector.

The Giradi changed name to "Royal English Cinema"

14.02.2012: Our independent company has taken over the venue with the DP70 projectors two years ago [2010], which is now called "KIZ Royalkino". Georg Grigoriadis

  Image by Franz Oberthaler
Innsbruck Cinematograph (P)
  Two DP70 (1832+1841) from the Olympia in Vienna
Innsbruck Leo Kino
  Two DP70 (2286+2289). Another report said (1650+1652) came from the Tabor Kino in Vienna.

Image by Thomas Hauerslev, 15.02.2014
Innsbruck Olympia (*»)
  Two DP70s (1832+1841). Closed. machines went to "Cinematograph".
Linz Phönix (»)
  Two DP70. Closed. Machines have been sold to "Moviemento" in Linz.
Linz Hollywood Megaplex #1
  One DP70 (1880)
Linz Hollywood Megaplex #2
  One DP70 (1881). Used as a spare 35mm projector. No 70mm pre amps.
Linz Moviemento
  Two DP70 from Phönix. Machines later sold to Hasso in in München, Germany.
Salzburg Stadtkino (*»)
  Two DP70. Machines removed and theatre closed. Now a gallery/café
Stockerau Apollo Center #1 (P)
  One DP70 (1792). Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS
St. Pölten Forum
  One DP70 Machine from Pittner Stadtkino, St. Pölten. Closed. Machine to Open Air cinema in Stockerau.
St. Pölten Pittner Stadtkino (»)
  Two DP70 (____+1792). 15 meter wide screen. Closed. 1792 to Apollo Center, Stockerau.

Image by Philips
Vienna Apollo Center #1 (»P)
  Two DP70 (1814+1815). 900 seats and 19,2 meter wide screen.

Image by Philips

Used to be Apollo. SR.D, THX. DTS and SDDS. Projectors went to scrap or were sold years ago. 12 plex cinema. Best sound in Vienna.
Vienna Capitol (»)
  Two DP70 (____+1497). Projectors went to Kolosseum 2 and 3.
Vienna Filmarchiv Austria
  Two DP70 (1489+1490) from private collector.

The Filmarchive Austria has no DP70 projector. I talked with the director of our museum and he said that about 15 years ago this could have been the case. But since he is in charge there is no 70mm-projector at all in the Filmarchiv. If you look at your Austrian list, the same numbers 1489 and 1490 are also listed under "Vienna Privat Cinema". I would say the Filmarchiv sold them to this privat person.

With kind regards, Mag. Raimund FRITZ, Filmarchiv Austria / Metrokino. September 2013
Vienna Flotten Center #1
  Two DP70 (2058+2061). 384 seats Dolby Digital, SDDS and DTS. Flotten cinema closed in spring 2002.

Last 70mm-screening at the Flotten #1: Die Hard 2 (in November 1990)

Image by Raimund FRITZ
Vienna Forum (»)
  Two DP70. Screen 15 meters wide. Projectors went to Kolosseum 4 and 6 in Vienna.

Image by Philips
Vienna Gartenbau Kino (*»P)
  Two DP70 (2032+2038) installed when cinema opened on December 19th 1960 with "Spartacus". The first Todd-AO / DP70 cinema in Austria.

Image by Raimund FRITZ

Wiens altes- und neues "Gartenbau-Kino"

The last 70mm-releases at the Gartenbau-cinema have been as follow:

October/November 1989: The Abyss
December 1989: The Wild Bunch
July 1990: A 70mm-festival for two weeks with screenings of: 55 Days at Peking (in
red) / El Cid (in red) / Le grand bleu / The Abyss / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
December 1990: Die Hard 2
December 1992: Spartacus
March/April 1993: Hoffa

Raimund FRITZ, September 2013

Both DP70s are actually in current 35mm operation, obviously less now that we are fully digitized. According to my technicians the platter can be used for 70mm, all that is missing are those plastic rings and the thingamajig that gets stuck in the middle (‘Spinne’, in German). We also have a bunch of Spools, deflection rollers, lenses and even a more or less complete roll of "THE ABYSS". Norman Shetler, December 2011

The 7OMM Ultra Panavision Roadshow in Gartenbau Kino, Vienna, Austria

Cinemiracle: "Windjammer" was shown from May 19th 1961 for 37 weeks, followed by "Porgy & Bess" (in 70mm) in Feb 1962. Cinerama: "How the West Was Won", "The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm", "Seven Wonders of the World" (Nov 3rd 1962) and "South Sea Adventure" were the only 4 titles played in 3-strip.
  Front of the Gartenbau, 31.12.2010. Image by Veronica Gottlieb Mortensen.

From December 1963 only 35/70mm films were shown, and the Cinerama screen was taken out previous to that.

August 2001: 736 seats, DTS, SDDS, Dolby Digital. The current (Feb 2011) flat screen is 120m2 for CinemaScope - the best in Vienna.
Vienna Gloria Center #1
  One DP70 (1477). Machine went to Kolosseum, Wienna storage. Closed 30. April 2000.

Image by Raimund FRITZ

Vienna Kolosseum Center #1
  Two DP70 (1820+1821). DTS. Original projection room installation. Machines sold to Plaza Futura Theatre in Eindhoven, Holland, 2008

The Kolosseum-cinema doesn't exist anymore (closed in spring 2002)

Last 70mm-screening at the Kolosseum #1: A Chorus Line (March 1986)

Image by Raimund FRITZ
Vienna Kolosseum Center #2
  One DP70 (1497). DTS. DP70 from Capitol, Wienna. DP70 removed (scrapped or sold). The Kolosseum-cinema doesn't exist anymore (closed in spring 2002)

Image by Raimund FRITZ

Vienna Kolosseum Center storage (P)
  One DP70 (1477) from Gloria in storage.
Vienna Park Kino Hietzing
  Two DP70. 18,1 x 8,25 m curved screen. 702 seats.

Image by Philips

Das Kino wurde am 14.11.1964 mit der Einweihung des Einkaufzentrums "Ekazent" neu eröffnet (zuvor gab es dort bereits ein altes Vorgängerkino mit demselben Namen "Park-Kino"):

Park Kino has been reduced to a very small cinema on the old balcony showing only porno movies. The rest has been transformed into a super market.

Closed. Projectors went to scrap, or were sold years ago.
Vienna Private Theatre (p)
  Two DP70 (1489+1490) One installed, one in storage.
Vienna Tabor Kino (*»)
  Two DP70 (1650+1652) 1000 seats, 18m screen.

Closed 1996. Both projectors sold to the operators of "Leokino" in Innsbruck
Vienna Weltspiegel (*»)
  Two DP70 (1489+1490). After closing they went to private collector

Image by Philips
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