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Impressions from the KRRR! 70 film fest in Krnov (Czech Republic) from April 13 - 15, 2018

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Hans Haenssler, Stuttgart, Germany Date: 22.04.2018
Author of this article Mr. Hans Haenssler. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

First of all, it was a long drive from Stuttgart with one night staying in Pilsen, just because of the good Pilsner Urquell beer in the U Slzmannu restaurant, the oldest in town from 1634. There is a long detour on the autobahn via Brno, but I took the detour for the scenery via Pardubitz, Zamberg and the ski area of the Mährisch Rotwasser to Bruntal and Krnov.

Together with other guests from Prag, Banska Bystrica, Italy, Denmark and the US there was a demonstration on the evening before the festival. Synchronisation of regular 70mm prints with magnetic sound, through a computer and a timecode. Therefore the soundtrack came from an external disc or hard disc drive instead. It worked perfectly. But first the film had to be recorded and captured in the computer to find out if there are any scenes missing, so the scenes from the DVD or BluRay disc, where the sound would be taken had to be corrected. With start markers on the film it was absolutely lip synced. Demonstrated with one reel of "Camelot" where the original 6-track magnetic recording was halfway erased. By switching between the source of film sound and playback from the hard disc drive, the difference was noticeable. Also subtitles could be created with the films, and it was used in later shows in the program. Another possibility was to change the language of a foreign print like "The Last Emperor" an Italian language print played back with the sound from BluRay disc in perfect manner. And since it was so nice to watch single reels, there was a presentation of reels of "Cleopatra", "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (in flat 70 mm), "Papillon" and others.

The festival program started on Friday at 14.00 h with "Prorvy" a Russian catastrophe film from 1986. Filmed in Sovscope 70 and presented in 6 track magnetic sound. The film was shown in the original Russian language with Czech subtitles, and for the first time also with English subtitles (thanks to the new synch technique). The 99 minutes film with sharp picture quality, only a little bit dark was about the construction of a new subway line in Leningrad. There was a time limit to finish the part, but suddenly water and mud came into the construction tunnel and the blocked up workers had to be saved. Houses on the road collapsed and an ice ring with kids also. But at the end every worker was saved. Thanks to new mirror in the Meopta projectors with the same color temperature, the difference by changing from one projector to the others, was not noticeable anymore. Also the light source was more even.

About 250 people were showed up for the second title at 16.30 h "Murder On The Orient Express" in 70mm with 6 channel DTS sound. A very sharp and new print and a nice music score by Patrick Doyle.
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About Todd-AO
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Kino Mir 70
Namesti Miru 14
794 01 Krnov
The Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 554 615 050

Head of the Kino Mir 70: Pavel Tomešek

Festival Page
KRRR! Facebook
The Kino Mir 70 with 70mm in the curve. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

Before the evening show at 19.30 h the mayor of Krnov Jan Krkoška was thanking the people behind the organisation of the festival. "The Last Emperor" an Italian print was shown next as a blow-up from 35mm Technovision presented with 6 track magnetic sound, also Czech and English subtitles. The print was not too sharp and had some kind of yellow touch (maybe because the story is from China). After the well-attended show, with an intermission there was a cold buffet offered for the weekend pass visitors, also free beer from a local brewery and wine and a lot of talks with the friends from Krnov.

For the first show on Saturday I had to wake up early. At 9.00 h "For Those I Loved" a 70mm blow up print filmed in 35mm 1'66 format but in 70 mm filled out the full frame. In the internet it is listed as 1'33 format and black and white only, which is not the case. This not so well known French production from 1983 starring Michael York, Brigitte Fossey, Mach Méril won 2 César Award Nominations. A sharp picture quality and an effectful 6-track stereophonic sound with music composed by Maurice Jarre. It was the true Story of Martin Gray a Polish survivor of the Holocaust. Very intensive play and with big budget produced.

After this film Thomas Hauerslev from the in70mm.com presented a 45-minute lecture of "IN 7OMM: Past and Present" with a lot of still pictures shown on the screen. For the next program "Phantom Thread" in 70mm was planned, but Krnov could not get any print to show, instead "The Exorcist", as a 70mm blow up from 35mm, was shown with a completely faded print in 1,85 format but very sharp. The 6-track Dolby A magnetic sound used a lot of surround sound effects, while the dialogue was only on the center channel.

At 17.00 h "South Pacific" came on to the screen with the new FotoKem print. The same print was shown earlier in Karlsruhe. Thos prints showed the typical blue dyes in the grey areas and had too much contrast. Also the DTS sound had not quite the quality, as I heard just recently from a 70mm print with 6-track magnetic sound. Anyway, it was nice to watch this Todd-AO film again. There was a lot of laughter in the audience, I don't know why!
Internet link:


The Kino Mir 70 projector exhibition. Picture by Thomas Hauerslev

Saturday evening at 20.45 h offered the original version of "Apocalypse Now" in a not so sharp blow up from 35mm Technovision with 6-track magnetic split surround sound. The center channel was a little bit too low, so the dialogue was not very clear. But the sound effects were good. The print had already somehow color fading into red, but was in good condition.

Early Sunday morning at 8.15 h there was a special occasion with on reel of "Amadeus" in 70mm blow up in memory of the passed away director Milos Forman.
At 9.00 h another highlight with "Little Buddha" filmed in 70mm with the Arriflex 765 (Indian scenes) and Arriflex 545 Technovision blow up (American scenes). A very nice print in beautiful colors and great photography by Vittorio Storaro. It looked like a Todd-AO production. Also the 6-track magnetic sound with the music from Ryuichi Sakamoto was something special for my ears.

Almost at the end of the festival at 12.00 h "Lethal Weapon 3" with a super sharp picture quality from 35mm Panavison blow-up was shown with 6-track Dolby A magnetic sound. The print was loaned from Australia and in perfect condition. The last show on Sunday was a rerun of "Proryv" from Friday. Most of the festival guest were already travelling home. But I met other groups of people in the projection room, and we had nice talks with Pavel, Martin, Ivan and the 2x Michal along with the delegation from Sweden and France until the show was over.

This year for the first time the introductions to the films was live translated by Barbora from Prag via headphones. Adele was co-organizing the festival. The big foyer was showplace of Pavel's projector collection from Super 8 to 70mm and posters from the films shown in 70mm at the Kino MIR. Also beer from the local brewery and food sold by a catering service was offered in between the shows. Souvenirs with the KRRRR! logo could be also obtained during the festival. It was nice to be there again, friendly people, many spoke English, but it would be better to start the films a little bit later, maybe about 10.00 h. There were guests from USA, Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Slowaky, Denmark and two from Germany
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Updated 31-05-2021