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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
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Kinopanorama Theatre, Paris, France

The 70mm Newsletter
Written and photographed by:  Christian KARL, France Date: 03.08.2015
I particularly liked the "A Picture Visit to Kinopanorama in Paris, 1990" by Thomas Hauerslev put on line in 2014. The inside pictures were great especially the giant curved screen, such pictures I could not make myself on that time because I had not the appropriate materiel. I would like to join him by sharing my own memories of this unique theater with some pictures of the front.

My first movie at the Kinopanorama was "Lawrence of Arabia" and my first in 70mm, a real discovery and experience, in January 1975, followed by about forty more memorable visits (including “West Side Story”- a few times, “El Cid”, “War and Peace”, “The Sound of Music”, “My Fair Lady”, “Lawrence of Arabia” restoration ...) until December 1989 with “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade”.

The including photos are from the years 1975-1979, lucky period of these 70mm reissues.

However the blow-ups like “The Wild Bunch”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “Earthquake” in Sensurround, “Alien”, “Star Trek II”, “Greystoke”, “The Rose”, “2010”, “Octopussy”, “E.T.”, “La Guerre du Feu” were all unforgettable experiences too.
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Other major and significant theatre dedicated to the widescreen 70mm was the Broadway which was opened by one of the managers of the Kinopanorama the first April 1977 with the process "Spaciovision" on his large curved screen given for 380m2. The "Spaciovision" (other name was Super-Heraclorama) offered some Sensations of relief (picture in space) from any kind of film.

My first movie was “Alamo” followed by about fifteen others likes “Patton”, “Khartoum”, “The Omen”, “Voyage to the Center of the Earth”, “Star Wars”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The including pictures are from April 1977 to October 1979.

Before the Kinopanorama I only knew the cinémas from Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy. Most of their best theatres have been transformed or will be, so January 1975 and the 70mm were significant for me. Some original widescreen theatres remain like the Schauburg Cinerama in Karlsruhe. That's why I like this theatre very much because he is reminiscent to the Kinopanorama and we must thank the manager Herbert Born to have preserve his theatre.
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Updated 07-01-23