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World record of 70mm in Amsterdam!

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Johan C. M Wolthuis, International 70mm Publishers, The Netherlands Date: 20.09.2016
EYE film museum Amsterdam has set a world record with the 70mm print of "The Hateful Eight" according to the Weinstein Company. In 4 months time, since January 7, they sold more than 36000 tickets until the end of May. This is more than any other cinema in the world with a 70mm print of the Quentin Tarantino film! And it is even astonishing, while in the Los Angeles area the 70mm print has only been screened during a maximum of two or three weeks and then it was replaced by a DCP.

The 70mm print of The Hateful Eight arrived in Amsterdam in early January in 6 cardboard boxes, each box containing two film cans with each 269 metres of the 70mm film. The twelfth can, however, didn't contain a film roll but the two Datasat (DTS) discs with the sound of the film . They had also received a short 70mm test roll for testing the new Ultra Panavision lenses, etc. As you may know in former days, after producing the 70mm prints, they had to be provided with magnetic striping and then the soundtrack was added in a third run.
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Internet link:

Nowadays it is much easier without the magnetic striping when the Datasat (DTS) timecode is printed at the same time with the images in one go on the print. So that greatly reduces the cost of printing of the 70mm prints, made by FotoKem in Burbank, CA , the only 70mm laboratory in the USA.

After unpacking the cans in the booth of Cinema One in EYE Amsterdam, an extensive control started. Because they had bought the print, they wanted to be sure it was in pristine condition, according to Ron Salari, experienced museum projectionist.

All the rolls had to be checked by hand to see if everything was fine. Then they started with taping the rolls together and guiding them to the platter. Also now again after carefully examining the 70mm print. If everything is found in order, the first test screening has taken place. All of these handling takes hours and nearly a whole day working in the booth before everything is 100% ready! Ron took us for more than an hour around the booth and told us everything about working with 70mm film and projectors.
The success of the 70mm screenings in Amsterdam, was unprecedented and a world record. After one month they had already sold 25 000 tickets with finally more than 36000 tickets, a world record and still going on. According to René Wolf, EYE film programmer and 70mm fan, they will screen the 70mm now only once a month as long as possible. There is only one 70mm print in The Netherlands. Cinema One has two Kinoton FP 75 ES (Electronic shutter) projectors, 315 seats and a screen of 14.25 x 5.15 metres. In another cinema in EYE, one of their four cinemas, they still have two DP70 Philips projectors from the fifties, in working condition.
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Updated 30-06-22