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World record of 70mm in Amsterdam!
By Johan Wolthuis
EYE film museum Amsterdam has set a world record with the 70mm print of "The Hateful Eight" according to the Weinstein Company. In 4 months time, since January 7, they sold more than 36000 tickets until the end of May. This is more than any other cinema in the world with a 70mm print of the Quentin Tarantino film!
Orla Nielsen shows "The Hateful Eight" in Aalborg
By Thomas Hauerslev
You can't keep a man down who want to show 7OMM! That statement seems to be true with Orla Nielsen from Aalborg in Denmark. Orla Nielsen opens a temporary cinema to show "The Hateful Eight". The local multiplex declined Orla's offer to set up 7OMM screenings earlier this year. Instead, Theatre Nordkraft's manager Jakob Jørgensen came to the rescue and offered his theatre to Orla for a limited season.

Gallery "The Hateful Eight", Roadshow, Aalborg
70mm Arrives in Barnsley
By Ben Wales
In the South Yorkshire Town of Barnsley was history in the making with the UK’s third venue to screen the 70mm Roadshow “The Hateful Eight”. For those who have never been or heard of Barnsley, it is once known for the Coal Mining and Glass Making and Brass Bands and now 70mm at the former Odeon Cinema now called The Parkway Cinema.
Rob Younger
Once again the Parkway Cinema Barnsley is leading the way! Every screening will have a personal introduction from me and we will be inviting interested parties into the projection room after the show. There are just three towns/cities in the UK where the full experience of "The Hateful Eight" 70mm Roadshow can be enjoyed as the director intended; London, Edinburgh and BARNSLEY! This will be the first time that any 70mm film has been screened to an audience in Barnsley, let alone a Roadshow!
The UK 7OMM “Hateful 8” Roadshow goes to Edinburgh
By Ben Wales
The Cinema opened on the release date (8th January 2016) a DCP version, but most were awaiting for the “70mm Roadshow” and on the 12th February it opened to record sell outs for the first week and still maintaining above average sells that it has been given more screenings for the last weekend. By the time your correspondent had visited this Cinema on Tuesday 23rd February well over 3,000 had seen the 70mm Roadshow presentation.
The H8 Down Under
By Brian Walters
The following day I attended the 1:30 PM session at the beautiful art deco “Rivoli Complex“ cinema one. Both of these cinemas showed off the great quality of the Ultra Panavision 70 process to audiences that had mostly never seen this film format. On display was not only the razor sharp grainless image, but also the solid saturated colour rendition that only film presentations can currently deliver.
The 70mm Ultra Panavision Roadshow in Gartenbau Kino, Vienna, Austria
Gerhard Schwach
The 70mm Ultra Panavision Roadshow in Gartenbau Kino in Vienna is really a spectacle! The atmosphere was great: large posters in front of the cinema announced the 70 mm roadshow, there was a 70mm extra charge for the ticket, lots of interested people in the lobby already at 4:00 p.m. and an almost sold out evening show at 8:15 p.m.
The Hateful Eight 7OMM alla Cineteca di Bologna, Cinema Lumiere
Di Daniele Buttafava
Anche a Bologna la presentazione del Roadshow in Ultra Panavision 70mm di The Hateful Eight di Quentin Tarantino. Il film viene presentato presso la sala Officine Mastroianni del cinema Lumiere. Il film viene proiettato dal proiezionista Stefano Bognar con un Proiettore 35/70 Prevost P93 degli anni 90.
"The Hateful Eight" in der Essener "Lichtburg"
Von Ulrich Rostek
Wie die meisten aus der verschworenen Gemeinschaft der 70mm-Anhänger fieberte ich dem Kinostart von "The Hateful Eight" entgegen, seit sich die Hinweise verdichteten, dass zum ersten mal seit beinahe 50 Jahren wieder ein Film in 70mm Ultra Panavision produziert werden sollte.
THAT’S CINEMA! The Hateful Eight in 70MM at ARCADIA, Milan Italy
By Francesco Gualeni
I’ve never seen so many people enthusiast in front of a 70MM film print! When Interstellar was released in 70MM everybody thought about a miracle that an analog print was back again into theater, but now with The Hateful Eight and next year with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk the idea of “cinema experience” is back again.
"The Hateful Eight" at the "Lichtburg" in Germany
By Ulrich Rostek
Like everybody within the 70mm community I was absolutely keen on seeing "The Hateful Eight" since I read the movie was going to be shot in Ultra Panavision 70. In Germany only four 70mm prints were distributed to the movie theatres still capable of projecting 7OMM, including the cinema next door to me.
The Hateful Eight" 7OMM Road Show Gala premiere in Berlin Tuesday 26. January 2016
By Gerhard Witte
"The Hateful Eight" 7OMM Road Show Gala premiered at the Zoo Palast in Berlin (Germany) Tuesday 26. January 2016. Gerhard Witte, local in70mm.com reporter was on the spot to take the pictures.

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In Amsterdam 70mm is reborn!
By Johan Wolthuis
An inquiry among the visitors, mostly Tarantino fans, before the first full house screening , why they came to the EYE for Tarantino's movie (they have to take the ferry crossing the harbour) instead of the easier way to see it in the inner town of Amsterdam, resulted in the same answer from all: "We want to see it the way Tarantino has meant it: in 70mm!" So that is the reason, not the enormous publicity!
7OMM Kommer Tillbaka till Stockholm!
Av Bengt Fredén
Jag måste också givetvis nämna för er att vi hade mycket stort nöje av filmen! Att se en 'riktig' analog film i detta superformat är en upplevelse utöver det vanliga! Speciellt imponerade, förutom de fantastiska inledande bergsscenerierna i det snöiga Wyoming, var det mäktiga ljudet - Ennio Morricones specialkomponerade musik, med mystiskt morrande fagotter, ramade in detta märkliga kammardrama.
7OMM Returns to Stockholm
Bengt Fredén
Here is a short account of our visit at the projection booth at the Rigoletto movie theater in Stockholm, and of course also from the screening of the three-hour UltraPanavision 70 movie "The Hateful 8" in the evening of January 10th, 2016.
The Hateful Eight in London at The Odeon Leicester Square
By Mark Lyndon & Ben Wales
Make no mistake, this is a landmark in the history of the cinema. Odeon have risen magnificently to the challenge of catering to record breaking demand to see a film which is the talk of the town. We have never seen such massive crowds in Leicester Square, all determined to secure a seat to witness the must see film of the year, if not the century so far.
The Adventures of Hateful 8 at Rigoletto!
By Mats Kullander
To cut toilet line on the balcony during intermission, I went down and let people use “my” toilet, at the same time showing them the projectors and film. It really was a terrific “family gathering” and all sold out in the booth. I had to promise some of them a visit after the performances. At 01:50 AM I had shown the film to almost 2.300 fans and didn't leave the cinema until 02:45 after the last curious person had left the booth. I must say that this is some kind of peak in my long career.
Ultra Violence in Ultra Panavision and Poetic Glory in Cinerama
Reviewed by Mark Lyndon
"The Hateful Eight" is ugly, violent, gory and brutal. it also contains some of the most hauntingly beautiful and poetic imagery ever projected in a cinema. If at all possible, it must be seen in Ultra Panavision 70. A huge amount of courage, dedication and vision has gone into bringing this film to the big screen, for a mainstream audience to have it's eyes opened to what cinema is capable of achieving in the hands of a true master.
What did you think about the 7OMM Road Show Version of The Hateful Eight?
Thoughts and impressions of the new film, and the roadshow presentation in your area. What did it look like, did the theatre give you a good experience, did the theatre sell souvenir programs, was it sold out, how far did you drive to see it in 7OMM, did the show live up to your expectations, and why etc., etc. If this is your first 7OMM, what do you think about it? Anything that comes into your mind about this event.
The HATEFUL 8 @ the SUN theatre
By Bert Murphy
Getting the Projector into the bio was every bit the nightmare I had been imagining it to be. First, rolling it down the street on casters like an armoured shopping trolley got a few glances from passing traffic. Then into the foyer for the next challenge. It wouldn't fit in the lift. No problem; release the lamp house mount from the pedestal and carry it along behind.

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The Hateful Eight - Cinemas with the 7OMM Roadshow Version
By Thomas Hauerslev
This Worldwide 7OMM Premiere list has been put together like a jig-saw puzzle based on what people write on internet foras, people who write to in70mm.com and theater web sites. This list includes the official Weinsten 7OMM Premiere List of US Cinemas.

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"The Hateful Eight" 70mm Theatre List
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The Hateful Eight cinemas in US

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Tarantino Interview
Behind the scenes
Premiere intro
Howard Stern
Hateful8 at the Sun theatre
Tarantino and Andersson
H8 in Moscow, Russia
Behind The Scenes
Return of Ultra Panavision 70

7OMM of Hateful
Robert Richardson

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The Third Man records' Release of "The Hateful Eight" on 2-LP 180 gram Vinyl
Quentin Tarantino and Decca Records today announced the release of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight original motion picture soundtrack. The soundtrack will be available for purchase on CD, vinyl, and at digital retail worldwide via Decca Records on December 18, 2015.

The Hateful Eight - in 65mm??
By Thomas Hauerslev

The Weinstein Company haven't got the logos quite right. It's a 70mm blow-up logo created by Paramount 30+years ago, stacked on top of a vintage 1953 CinemaScope logo by 20th Century Fox with a "Super" added in the middle. The combined "logo" is gibberish and confusing. It does not make any sense, except if "The Hateful Eight" is shot in Super 35, and then blown up to 70mm for limited engagements.


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The Hateful Eight continuity
The Hateful Eight road show instructions

7OMM Roadshow Release Map (US Excluded)
By Melissa Hanson


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Motion pictures photographed in Ultra Panavison 70


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3 OSCARS Nominations for The Hateful Eight
Performance by an actress in a supporting role
• Jennifer Jason Leigh in “The Hateful Eight”

Achievement in cinematography
• “The Hateful Eight” Robert Richardson

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)
• “The Hateful Eight” Ennio Morricone WINNER

• Send your impression to: mr_in70mm@hotmail.com

"The Hateful Eight" Road Show at AFI Silver
By Howard B. Haas
I had never seen a movie two days in a row, and never seen a new movie twice unless I'm travelling and wish to see a historic movie theater but over Christmas weekend, I enjoyed director Quentin Tarantino's 70mm Roadshow presentation of the 3 hour epic “The Hateful Eight” two days in a row at the AFI Silver in suburban Washington D.C.
The Hateful Eight is a Wonderful Cinematic Experience for the true Cinefile
By Tyler Purcell
It was clearly made with the heart's of many others like myself, who strive to keep shooting film and keep it alive for future generations. The shooting crew, team over at Panavision, the great finishing guys at FotoKem and DGA projectionist, all did an amazing job making this film. Everything came together flawlessly, Quentin's vision was a complete and utter success.
The Widest Story Ever Told
Von Christian Appelt
Am 12. Oktober 1956 präsentierte MGM Camera 65 im Rahmen der SMPTE-Konferenz in einer Demonstrationsvorführung. Douglas Shearer und Robert Gottschalk von Panavision stellten die Flexibilität des Formats heraus. “Vom Standpunkt des Produzenten aus ist die Wahlmöglichkeit des endgültigen Verleihformats einer der Vorzüge dieses 65-mm-Verfahrens”
The MGM PANAVISION Enlarged-film System
Douglas Shearer
To make our system universally adaptable a 65mm negative has been chosen having standard perforations with the incorporation of a mild anamorphic squeeze in the taking lens system.

Go to The Widest Story Ever Told
Ultra Panavision 70 - almost like a real story
By Rick Mitchell
Due to a financial investment from MGM, the new format was initially known as "MGM Camera 65". Because, one of its design considerations was to yield higher quality 35mm anamorphic prints, directors, cinematographers, and camera operators were instructed to keep important action within the safe action area of 2.35:1 anamorphic 35mm prints with an optical track.
Panavision and the Resurrecting of Dinosaur Technology
By Tyler Purcell
After seeing the 70mm test footage, there was a rousing applause. The next thing we saw was a DCP version of the material and it really shows how proper film projection truly trumps digital. The blacks were mushy and undefined, the highlights were clearly peaking and the whole image looked flat. All of that beautiful depth seen in the film projection was lost. We sadly realized this format, developed in the 50's, is still better then all the money we've thrown at conventional digital projection.

"The Hateful Eight" goes to Russia
By Alex Asp
The HATEFUL EIGHT will be released on one 70mm screen in Moscow on January 1st, 2016 - In the biggest auditorium of OCTOBER cinema. They have located fully preserved an fully functional KINOTON FP75E. The Russian dubbed soundtrack will be played using the only surviving DTS set of equipment.
Les 8 Salopards en 70 mm - au cinéma le 6 janvier
5 mois de travail ont été nécessaires pour rendre possible cette prestigieuse tournée d’avant-premières dans ce "sublime format 70mm" choisi par Quentin Tarantino. La version présentée comporte 8 minutes de film supplémentaire par rapport à la version qui sera exploitée en numérique.
The Hateful Eights opens in 7OMM at the Grand Rex
By Thomas Hauerslev

"The Hateful Eight" opened on continental Europe to a sold out house at the largest cinema in Europe. The Grand Rex in Paris. I had the opportunity to talk to Stéphane LANDFRIED about the spectacular premiere.

70MM Film Print and Projection Details
By Paul Rayton
All 70mm prints for platter houses in the US will be shipped out entirely assembled. The prints are being built up by a selected crew working near Magic Mountain (Santa Clarita), CA. The prints will be in one single transport case, custom made for the show. A large, flat case, similar to those sometimes used to transport Imax 70mm prints, back in the day.

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