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"The Best of Cinerama" – the movie even ran in Germany in 3-strip Cinerama

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Gerhard Witte, Berlin (Germany) Date: 22.07.2018
From Bremen's daily newspaper "Weser-Kurier" dated 07.05.1964. Premiere advert of "Cineramas Weltparade" (The Best of Cinerama).

Yes, "The Best of Cinerama" (USA, 1962) was also shown at few West German 3-strip Cinerama venues. The movie's  German title is "Cineramas Weltparade" (Cinerama's World Parade). The travelogue had its World Premiere at the "Palace" Theatre in Cleveland (Ohio) on 13.11.1962.

It premiered (in German language) at Bremen's Cinerama "Regina" movie theatre in 3-strip Cinerama on 08.05.1964 (see the premiere advert from the day before). Previously this venue had been running the 3-strip Cinerama Western epic "How the West Was Won" (season length 14 weeks). At that time Cinerama was a hit in Germany.

In the advert is written: the greatest scenes that CINERAMA photographed in 10 years – now in a single, breathtaking, sensational color film! / rating: valuable / tomorrow, on Friday: German Premiere!

"Cineramas Weltparade" / you travel with CINERAMA around the whole world where it is most beautiful and exciting / organizer: Deutsche Cinerama GmbH., Munich / in Technicolor / visit CINERAMA, the biggest movie show of our time / from Friday daily at 4 and 8 p.m. – only at the Cinerama "Regina" movie theatre (in Bremen).
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Internet link:
From "Weser-Kurier" dated 22.05.1964. The last advert of "Cineramas Weltparade" (in the 3rd week), and below an announcement of the following film.

"Cineramas Weltparade" (The Best of Cinerama) ran at Bremen's  "Regina" from 08.05.1964 until 24.05.1964 – that is only 2 weeks and 2 days. Then the venue was closed for conversion works (the change to Cinerama’s single-lens system). The following announced Cinerama film was "It's  a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (Eine total, total verrückte Welt / USA, 1963). The movie's  premiere was scheduled to take place on 26.05.1964.
In the advert from 22.05.1964 is written following information: seeing the wide world on the huge screen within apparent reach that is a special kind of cinema adventure (BN) / always pleased visitors at the end of each performance! / screening only until Sunday, 24th May / on Monday closed due to conversion into Cinerama single-lens system.

In the black advert below is written: advance notice for Cinerama "Regina" – from Tuesday, 26th May "Eine total, total verrückte Welt" / 50 international comedian stars serve up a non-stop show of laughter! / conceived and written by the author of "The Ladykillers" / the new CINERAMA attraction - the seamless CINERAMA single-lens system / organizer: Deutsche Cinerama GmbH., Munich / distributed by: United Artists.
From "Weser-Kurier" dated 26.05.1964. A postponed premiere.

The advert gives following information: due to a delay in the technical conversion, the today planned premiere of "Eine total, total verrückte Welt" will take place on Friday, 29th May at 8 p.m. The already issued invitation and seat tickets remain valid until 29th May, 8 p.m. – the theatre will be closed until Thursday. [Culture Cartel Bremen e. V. (reg. association)]
From "Weser-Kurier" dated 29.05.1964. Premiere advert of "Eine total, total verrückte Welt" (It's  a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World).

In the advert is written following information (extract): all clear for the great feast of laughter! / today premiere of "Eine total, total verrückte Welt" at 8 p.m. / the great success in all world cities of the earth now finally also in Bremen / for the first time … the revolutionary Cinerama single-lens system / the new Cinerama attraction with the seamless huge picture on the screen.

"Cineramas Weltparade" (The Best of Cinerama) only ran at few West German venues. A friend told me that he had once seen the travelogue at Münster's "Halle Münsterland" (a multipurpose facility) in 3-strip Cinerama. I know no other German venue at which the film was shown. At the time, there existed in Germany several multipurpose facilities that presented 3-strip Cinerama films, namely:

• in Berlin: at Sportpalast
• in Essen: at Grugahalle
• in Offenburg: at Kinzighalle
• in Oldenburg: at Weser-Ems-Halle
• in Ravensburg: at Oberschwabenhalle
• in Siegen: at Siegerlandhalle
• in Wiesbaden: at Rhein-Main-Halle

Maybe the film was also shown at one of these locations – but not at Berlin's "Sportpalast". It would be very nice if some in70mm.com readers can share some experiences about it.
Bremen's revered "Regina" movie theatre with its curved, louvered Cinerama screen. Image kindly provided by Heiko Dubiel.

Bremen's "Regina" opened its doors with the color film comedy "Vier Mädels aus der Wachau" (Austria, 1957) on 23.08.1957. The very last film had been "Das Kommando" (Who Dares Wins, UK, 1982) that opened on 15.04.1983. From 22.04.1983, the cinema was no longer mentioned in the newspaper adverts. It existed 25 years and approximately 8 months.

The time of "Windjammer", "How the West Was Won", "Ben-Hur" or "Doctor Zhivago" (no other movie had been played so often, and for so long seasons at the "Regina" – in the sum of 11 seasons a total of 151 weeks) was now over forever.

As so often, a food supermarket moved into the building that opened on 22.09.1983.
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Updated 04-05-22