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"The Searchers" - 70mm Screening at the Aero, Santa Monica, CA, USA

The 70mm Newsletter
Written by: Bill Kallay, Los Angeles, USADate: 10.05.2024
The 70mm print of "The Searchers" was flawless and stunning. Very natural appearance and the colors were spot-on. Film grain was natural and not not appear to be digitally cleaned up.

I have not seen this film projected in a theater, only on VHS way back in the 1980s. Thus my impression of seeing the film the correct way is a mixture of nearly a 40 year-old memory of seeing it in a subpar format, compared to this brilliant restoration.

• Go to "The Searchers" Restored by Warner Brothers and Released in 70mm
• Go to "The Searchers" VistaVision Scan Examples

At first, the restoration of "The Searchers" looked somewhat underexposed to my eyes. I guess I was expecting more brightness to the film projected on screen. I bring this up because I tend to remember the 1996 restoration of "Vertigo" appearing brighter and sharper, as that was also shot in VistaVision.

They are different films.

This is a very minor observation on my part and not critical of the original film's look or the restoration. The 70mm print and restoration/transfer show whatever lens softness and original film negative "drawbacks" the film had. These, in my opinion, are not drawbacks at all. I like film "flaws," just as I like hearing tape hiss or feedback on an old analog recording. The 70mm print really showcases the brilliance of Winton C. Hoch's cinematography, John Ford's direction and staging, and the excellent acting by all. Going to 70mm was a superb choice.
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The sound was presented in "big fat" mono, but sounded very good for a film of this age. Some of the gunfire was surprisingly crisp and had a "pop" to it. I'm not sure how much clean up was done on the sound, but it was very good for a non-stereophonic soundtrack.

Warner Bros and Fotokem deserve an Oscar for their work on "The Searchers." Their work on this restoration is flawless.

Though the film may be considered slowly paced to today's audiences, they're missing out. It's a really great film.

Bring on the restored 70mm version of "North By Northwest"!

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"The Searchers" - 70mm Screening at the Aero, Santa Monica, CA, USA
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Updated 10-05-24