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• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen., a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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Reference and reading

The 70mm Newsletter
Collected by: Thomas Hauerslev Date: 01.07.2008
The Nine Lives of Mike Todd
by Art Cohn
1958 Hutchinson & Co

A Valuable Property: The life story of Michael Todd
by Michael Todd, Jr and Susan McCarthy Todd
1983 Arbor House

Wide Screen Movies
by Robert E Carr and R Michael Hayes
1988 McFarland

Wide Screen Cinema
by John Belton
1992 Harvard University Press

Fred Zinnemann
A Life in the Movies
1992 Scribners
More in 70mm reading:

The Todd-AO Projector

Internet link:
Date Source Title
02.12.1953 Harris, Upham & Co Magna Theatre Corp
19.01.1954 20th Century Fox/Earl I Sponable The Todd-AO system to Darryl F Zanuck, Fox
27.06.1954 Newspaper/Thomas H Pryor First demonstration of Todd-AO
xx.07.1954 American Cinematographer First demo of Todd-AO MGM stage 2
xx.10.1954 American Cinematographer Todd-AO Newest wide screen system
xx.04.1955 American Cinematographer Shooting “Oklahoma!” in Todd-AO
07.03.1955 LIFE Magazine Mike Todd and His Big Bug-Eye (by Joel Sayre)
30.05.1955 LIFE International Mike Todds amazing Lens (by John Luter)
07.10.1955 Motion Picture Daily Todd-AO methods and equipment
xx.xx.1955 Denis MARION Le systéme Todd-AO
15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal Todd-AO makes gala N.Y. Debut
15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal Todd-AO by H S Woodbridge
15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review “Oklahoma!” in Todd-AO
15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review Magna Theatres
15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review Todd-AO Corporation
15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review Todd-AO projection and sound
15.10.1955 Showmen's trade review Mike Todd – man behind the system
15.10.1955 The Independent Film Journal The “Oklahoma!” story
19.10.1955 Variety Hurrican "rained" Todd-AOs Rivoli print
19.10.1955 Variety Broadway speculates as to Todd....
xx.xx.1955 Current biography 1955 Michael Todd
xx.10.1955 Souvenir programme “Oklahoma!”
xx.xx.1955 Theatre Catalog The Todd-AO process
xx.07.1956 American Cinematographer "The Miracle of Todd-AO"
xx.01.1957 International projectionist The Syosset Todd-AO theatre
xx.07.1957 International projectionist “Around the World in 80 Days” in 35mm Cinestage
11.07.1957 Kinematograph Weekly “Around the World in 80 Days”
xx.08.1957 International Projectionist Todd-AO floating screen in Selwyn Theatre
xx.09.1957 International Projectionist Cinestage Todd-AO to 35mm
xx.11.1957 The Todd-AO Corporation The Todd-AO publicity department press releases  1B - 5B.
26.03.1958 New York Times Michael Todd
xx.04.1958 International Projectionist Todd-AO installations
xx.xx.1958 The nine lives of Mike Todd/Art Cohn 34. Roller Coaster Ride
xx.xx.1958 The nine lives of Mike Todd/Art Cohn 35. Enter Evelyn and Todd-AO
xx.xx.1959 Albert Teichner The new Todd-AO
xx.xx.1959 Image et Son Voici le Todd-AO
xx.04.1963 Darryl F Zanuck Confidential evaluation of Todd-AO
15.05.1963 Herbert E Bragg Answer to D F Z
16.09.1963 Donald A Henderson The Todd-AO matter
01.02.1965 Todd-AO Film Sound Recording Price list
xx.xx.1977 Evelyn Keyes Filming of Todd-AO tests
14.10.1985 Southbridge News Hollywood comes to American Optical Co.
15.10.1985 Southbridge News Optical obstacles in search of bugeye lens.
16.10.1985 Southbridge News AO researchers find solutions to lens distortion
17.10.1985 Southbridge News Mixed reviews for “Oklahoma!”
18.10.1985 Southbridge News Remember “Oklahoma!”s premiere?
15.01.1986 Variety/ R Vetter Breakthrough seen for 70mm equipment
26.03.1986 Variety Todd-AO, Glen Glenn to operate as one
xx.12.1986 Grant Lobban/Image Technology In the splendor of 70mm #1
xx.01.1987 Grant Lobban/Image Technology In the splendor of 70mm #2
21.12.1988 Variety Todd's 1956 OSCAR under hammer
15.02.1989 Variety Todd Oscar kept off auction block
xx.xx.198x The Perfect Vision/Jim Millick Seeing films in the theatre: Dr Richard Vetter
xx.06.1990 SMPTE Journal/John Belton Todd-AO: A history
xx.xx.1992 Widescreen Cinema/John Belton Todd-AO: The hallmark of quality
xx.xx.1992 A Life in the movies/Fred Zinnemann “Oklahoma!”
xx.03.1993 Optics & Photonics News Brian O'Brien - Pioneer in Optics
15.05.1993 70mm - The 70mm Newsletter/Brian O'Brien, Jr Todd-AO
xx.02.1994 70mm - The 70mm Newsletter/T Hauerslev Todd-AO 65mm tests in Amsterdam
xx.05.1994 Movie collector A brief history of 70mm
xx.09.1994 - Todd-AO buys two Skywalker facilities
23.12.1994 Entertainment Weekly “Oklahoma!” on video from 65mm elements
xx.04.1995 Cinema Technology/Grant Lobban Coming in 70mm
xx.10.1996 Optics & Photonics News The Amazing Optical Adventures of Todd-AO
DP70 Reference notes  
Note Source Date
1 LIFE magazine
2 Earl Sponable 19.01.1954
3 American Cinematographer July 1954
4 Nine lives of Mike Todd 1958
5 Independent Film Journal 15.10.1955
6 Showmen's Trade Review 15.10.1955
7 Thomas M Pryor 27.06.1954
8 Southbridge News October 1985
9 American Cinematographer page 529 October 1954
10 Current Biography 1955
11 In the splendour of 70mm by Grant Lobban 1986 & 1987
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