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in70mm.com Mission:
• To record the history of the large format movies and the 70mm cinemas as remembered by the people who worked with the films. Both during making and during running the films in projection rooms and as the audience, looking at the curved screen.
in70mm.com, a unique internet based magazine, with articles about 70mm cinemas, 70mm people, 70mm films, 70mm sound, 70mm film credits, 70mm history and 70mm technology. Readers and fans of 70mm are always welcome to contribute.

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in70mm.com 2010 News

The 70mm Newsletter
Changes and updates to the web site.Updated 15-10-23
Widescreen Worldwide
New book "
Widescreen Worldwide" examining widescreen cinema as a worldwide aesthetic and industrial phenomenon
Letterboxed: The Evolution of Widescreen Cinema
New book "Letterboxed: The Evolution of Widescreen Cinema" explores the technological changes of the widescreen technique and how the format has inspired directors
Alcons Cinema System Helps 70mm Cinema Go Back To The Future
By Alcons / Schauburg
Behind the evocative chandeliers and velvet curtains, an ongoing programme of technical modernisation has seen the latest formats running alongside 70mm screenings.
Alcons Cinema System verhilft 70-mm-Cinerama Filmpalast zurück in die Zukunft
Von Alcons / Schauburg
Bei einem Upgrade der Beschallungsanlage wurden in der Schauburg in Karlsruhe fünf großformatige Pro-Ribbon-Lautsprecher CR4 von Alcons Audio installiert. Auf verfahrbaren Türmen können in der Schauburg großformatige Kino-Frontsysteme Alcons Audio CR4 positioniert werden
Belguiral's Max
By Pascal Belguiral
Avant tout je suis spectateur et ainsi chaque séance que j’exécute ce doit d’être irréprochable : point, cadrage, fixité, niveau sonore. Il en va du respect du public, de l’œuvre projeté et de la fierté que j’éprouve à ce que chaque projection soit de qualité.
Belguiral's Max
By Pascal Belguiral
Each show I run must be perfect: focus, framing and sound level. It is the respect of the public and of the work being projected that are at stake, as well as the pride I take in providing quality to every show
Kevin Brownlow Interview #1
By Mark Lyndon
My mother said "Abel Gance is at the NFT", so I grabbed the script, and the few stills I had and rushed off and there I met the great man
Kevin Brownlow Interview #2
By Mark Lyndon
The film started as just an adolescent way of showing off. I had no intention of making the film - what I wanted to do was to capture the imagination of producers.
Chrudim Cinema Exhibition
By Stanislav Novotný
The cinema exhibition lasted attracted a lot of visitors, including projectionists who worked in Chrudim's 70mm cinema
70mm open-air cinema in Chrudim
By Stanislav Novotný
We had the 70mm open-air cinema in Chrudim, which was operational from 1969 till 1995. This cinema was equipped with two UM 70/35
Windjammer  Recollections and Laments
By Stephen Winship
When we finally were able to enter the theater's auditorium, my first impression was one of overwhelming awe.
Sound of Music: A Proper Credit
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
There is so much sharpness and detail that I cannot concur that these restorations look bad. In "Sound of Music" colour registration is consistent from the beginning to the end
Journey To The Stars
Darrin Scot
When THE SEATTLE WORLD FAIR opened last summer the "hit of the show" was the Spacearium featuring a new space motion picture system created and constructed by Cinerama for the Boeing Co. and the United States Science Exhibit.
So, what about the Sound of Music on Blu-Ray?
By Stefan Adler
I thought the holy rule for preservation and restoration was not to make it “better” than it actually was to begin with? Who knows what "better" is in fifty years?
Cinerama Goes to War
By Fred Waller
ALTHOUGH CINERAMA had its Broadway premiere only about a year ago, that could hardly be called the first public demonstration. Years before Cinerama had been tested and approved by the U.S. Army, Air Force, the Navy and the Marines
The Atomic Age-In CINERAMA
In the Himalayas, is the Indus River, noted for its strong and swirling currents. In the middle of these rapids, last July 20, a boat containing eight men and a three-eyed Cinerama camera suddenly capsized.
Adding the Sound to Cinerama
By Hazard E. Reeves
In 1940 Fred Waller, the inventor of Cinerama, invited me to a demonstration of his new process in the Rockefeller carriage house on West 55th Street in New York. Like everyone else who saw it at that time, I was tremendously impressed with it
This Cinerama Show
By Lowell Thomas
From coast to coast Cinerama has been the talk of the year. So far it has been presented in only three cities; New York, Detroit and Hollywood—with perhaps Chicago and one or two others by the time this appears in print.
Finding Customers for a Product
By Lynn Farnol
The sponsors of Cinerama believed in Cinerama. They had faith that it presented a new sensation in entertainment. They believed that it was a new way of telling stories, without the old frame of the traditional motion picture.
mr. cinerama
By Ralph G. Martin
eye filling curved picture from three projectors and ear filling sound from multiple speakers made Cinerama seem real. Rollercoaster in this scale model gives the audience a hair-razing ride.
The Birth of an Idea
By Ralph Walker
An architect had a unique conception of a building for a client at the World's Fair of 1939 in New York. That concept had a profound influence on the evolution of what became known as the entertainment wonder, Cinerama.
The Entire Development of the Cinerama Process
By Fred Waller
I'm going to tell a more or less chronological story of the entire development of the Cinerama process. It's not a short story but I'll try to keep it condensed.
As Good As It Gets
By Anna Rudschies
Seitdem ich diese Kolumne plane, versuche ich, etwas Schlechtes am diesjährigen Festival zu finden. Der Fairness wegen. Lieber Herr Born … ich habe nichts finden können. Nobody does it better.
Todd-AO at the Savoy
By Udo Heimansberg
There were not too many 70mm screenings at the Savoy, because Düsseldorf already had six Todd-AO and one Cinerama theatre
The Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival Report
By Paul Gordon
Vertigo looked amazing, a mint condition print! The Vista Vision negative really showed through on 70mm and the sound was great
"The Story of the Schauburg"
A new 240-page book about one of Germany's leading independent cinemas, the great Schauburg Cinerama Kino in Karlsruhe
Jess Conrad visits 70mm Film Festival
By Thomas Hauerslev
Mr. Conrad was invited to Karlsruhe to attend the German 70mm premiere of the "forgotten" 9th Cinerama film "The Golden Head". This was the first time he saw the film - 45 years after the premiere.
Schauburg Kino's 6th Todd-AO 70mm Festival highlights in pictures
Friday, Saturday,
Sunday and poster displays
People, posters, food, beer, curved screen, a lecture, fun, children, ultra sharp images and 6-track stereo
70mm Festival Film Introductions
By Wolfram Hannemann
On behalf of the Schauburg Cinerama Theatre it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 6. Todd-AO 70mm film festival to join us for our nostalgia trip in the splendor of Todd-AO!
I love the smell of mag in the morning!
By Bob Throop
Seeing all those reels of 70mm film at the Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival made me think I’d died and gone to heaven! O’ death where is thy sting?
Brazilian Film Festival honors 70mm Pioneer
Paulo Roberto P. Elias
The 4th Cinemúsica festival decided to pay Mr. de Faria a tribute and interview him in front of the public
Cinerama: Celebration and Citation
By Mark Trompeteler
Once again delegates from all over the world came together to view films at the Pictureville Cinema and focus on the contribution that widescreen filming and presentation has made to cinema culture.
Classics at the Astor Film Lounge
Starting in October 2010, Astor Film Lounge, will show a series of 70mm film classics under the title "Film Classics at the Astor Film Lounge"
Remember "The Alamo"
By William Clarke
I was invited to attend a screening of "The Alamo" at the Carthay Circle - one of those magnificent old movie houses from the glory days of Hollywood - vast and luxurious.
WINDJAMMER sails again!
By Rick Mitchell
"Windjammer" sailed across the screen of the Cinerama Dome, 58 years after it first sailed across the screen of the Chinese Theater
"Windjammer" @ the Dome
By Dave Strohmaier
The 1958  roadshow production "Windjammer", will screen at the Cinerama Dome, September 5th, 2010
Some ruminations after "The Reel Thing XXV"
By Rick Mitchell
Fotokem presented a split screen 70mm demo of R2A of "The Sound of Music" with a 4k DCP version and I have to admit that the results struck me as being equal.
"2001" and Trumbull in London
By Mark Lyndon
Trumbull showed us a tantalisingly brief excerpt of his new "2001" documentary and revealed that Warner was preparing a final cut of "2001"
70mm prints from 35mm 1.85 photography
By Rick Mitchell
In 1967, when MGM Laboratories made the first 70mm blow-up from 35mm non anamorphic (spherical) photography, it did so to the full projected 2.2:1 width of the 70mm frame.
Remembering Dimitri Tiomkin
By Jeffrey Dane

Dimitri Tiomkin ended up in Hollywood, where he ultimately spent his entire professional life composing music for movies
Ultimate "Out of Africa" Performance
By Thomas Hauerslev
"Out of Africa" - one 70mm show at the Karen Blixen museum 20 km north of Copenhagen. This gallery posted while the xenon is still warm - report to follow.
A Magical Evening
By Thomas Hauerslev
Friday the 13th was a lucky day for 350 people who saw Sidney Pollack's blockbuster "Out of Africa" in 70mm and practical picnic clothes
"2001" A Concert Article
By Jim Barg
From the beginning notes of Ligeti's Atmospheres to the closing performance of the Blue Danube, their performance made familiar notes come alive and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
3 strip shoot in the Melbourne Hills
By Bruce McNaughton
Before the shoot I ran a few feet through the camera to check the overlap points between panels and the consistency of exposure across the three 35MM matching lenses.
70mm Festival in Oslo 2010
By Oliver Klohs
This was the first time I visited the Cinemateket 70mm festival and I have to say that the level of commitment to a very high technical standard was very impressive for me.
Seattle's Cinerama Theatre is getting technical upgrade
Seattle Cinerama Theatre is getting a 21st Century technical upgrade with state-of-the-art digital sound and pictures along with a refurbishment of the classic, mid-century, wide-screen theater
"Windjammer" - Exclusive Danish Re-release
By Biffen & Hauerslev
Biffen is presenting the remastered version of Louis de Rochemont's CineMiracle Adventure "Windjammer" for 4 days in July 2010 and welcoming Carin-Anne and David Strohmaier to Aalborg to introduce the film
The movie miracle in Aalborg
By Lars Borberg
The biggest movie in the world will now be shown in one of the world’s smaller theatres: The Biffen, at Nordkraft (North Power) in Aalborg.
Remembering “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
By Mike Coate
A list of the 70mm Six-Track Dolby Stereo presentations during the initial months of the first-run release in North America.
Remembering “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom”
By Mike Coate
The summer of 1984 was a memorable one not just for movies in general but for fans of the 70mm presentation format.
Remembering “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade”
By Mike Coate
The summer of 1989 was a memorable one, in particular for fans of the 70mm presentation format. The studios that season circulated over 500 large-format prints of eight productions.
German "Windjammer" souvenir program
6 pages from the Schauburg archive - from a showing in Bad Godesberg 16. October 1965
Blade Runner: The Original 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
The film opened in nearly 1,300 cinemas, eleven of which showed it in the 70mm Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Apocalypse Now: The Original 70mm Engagements
By Mike Coate
The film was shown on a reserved-performance, guaranteed-seat basis and presented in 70-millimeter and Six-Track Dolby Stereo, which showcased a then-new quintaphonic split-surround audio mix.
Tuairisc Todd-AO agus Cinerama in Éirinn
Le Brian MacEochaidhín
Thosaigh “Breath-taking Todd-AO” in Éirinn ar Lá le Stiofán 1958 i bPictiúrlann Adelphi i mBaile Átha Cliath. B’é "South Pacific" in éineacht leis an gearrscannán "The Miracle of Todd-AO" an chéad clár Todd-AO a léireadh san tír seo. Ag an am sin, b’é an Pictiúrlann Adelphi ceann is mór de na pictiúrlanna sa cathrach, le níos mó ná 2000 suíocháin.
Todd-AO & Cinerama in Ireland
By Brian Guckian
“Breath-taking Todd-AO” debuted in Ireland on 26th December 1958 at the Adelphi Cinema, Dublin with "South Pacific" and "The Miracle of Todd-AO". At the time the cinema was one of the biggest in the city, with over 2000 seats.
3D Mitte der 60er Jahre in Europa mit: “Hi-Fi Stereo 70“
Von Gerhard Witte
Der Film "Operation Taifun" war damals in Europa zugleich auch der Beginn für ein neues 3D Filmaufnahme- und Wiedergabeverfahren mit dem Namen: "Hi-Fi Stereo 70".
3D in the mid 60s in Europe with Hi-Fi Stereo 70
By Gerhard Witte
The film "Operation Taifun" was the beginning of a new 3D filming and reproduction process with the name Hi-Fi Stereo 70 in Europe.
3D IMAX 70mm heute
Von Gerhard Witte
In dem IMAX-Kino wurde der Film "Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora" in einer deutschen Version in klassischer 3D mit 2 x 15/70mm Doppelprojektion im Polarisationsverfahren vorgeführt.
3D IMAX 70mm today
By Gerhard Witte
The German version of "Avatar" was shown in classic 3D with 2 x 15/70mm projection using the polarisation process
My trip to Melbourne
John Steven Lasher
I was invited to give a talk about the restoration of the Kinopanorama camera, the recent filming in the Dandenongs, the telecine work and plans for a future cinema
A reel of China's 70mm Film History
By Rikart Købke
The Greatest film format of all time lying just next to the Greatest comrade of all time.
3-strip in Barcelona, Spain
By Ramon Lamarca
I was browsing through newspapers listings yesterday and I was amazed and the huge amount of blow-ups they had in Spain
Cinerama Test Shots
By Lowell Thomas
We are starting off with this 35mm picture so you may the better judge of what you are now to see and her. We call it - C I N E R A M A
Latest News from Cinema Retro Magazine
By Pfeiffer and Worrall
For the large format fans, Tom March has written a very fine "How the West Was Won" location-hunt report for Cinema Retro's 17th edition.
There are more things in life than just widescreen!
By Wolfram Hannemann
I was waiting for the auditorium to open and Francois asked what I was waiting for, which I explained. “But this is not even widescreen!”! - he said in disbelief
Mr. Orion Jardim de Faria - A visit to a Brazilian 70mm film Pioneer
By Paulo Roberto P. Elias
It took me less than five minutes to realize that I sat face to face with a man totally involved with the film business, not by profit but by passion.
Preparing & showing Sensurround @ the Schauburg, 2010
By Herbert Born
Some images from the first day of installation, and from the SENSURROUND weekend
Camera 65 and the Metro Bourke Street Bigger than…
By Eric White
The Bourke Street Metro was a two-gallery theatre, like the Collins Street Athenaeum, and as was the case there, the projection rake was quite steep.
The history of some cost- saving approaches to the 70mm experience
By Eric White
‘Blow-ups’ became popular as a sort of Claytons 70mm: the 70mm you have when you are not having 70mm.

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New recording of Tiomkin's ALAMO score
By Jeffrey Dane
The recording's release anticipates by about five months the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the film itself on October 24, 1960 at the Woodlawn Theatre in San Antonio, Texas.
Liner notes for "The Brothers Grimm" 2-CD
By Jim Lochner
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm was a pet project of producer George Pal, better known for such sci-fi/fantasy films as Destination Moon
"Brothers Grimm" soundtrack released by Film Score Monthly
This 2CD set presents a key work relating to fantasy filmmaker George Pal, composer Leigh Harline, and the widescreen Cinerama film process
Widescreen Film Festival, 2010
By Francis BARBIER
Cinerama, Ultra Panavision 70, CineMiracle, Super Panavision 70, Todd-AO, Gonflage 70mm, Sovscope 70, VistaVision, MCS-70… des noms barbares aux oreilles et aux yeux des spectateurs les plus récents.
Remember real 70mm?
By Rick Mitchell
Despite the first word in the title, a secondary sub-title, History and Development of 70mm, really sums up what this book is about, a paean by fans of production in 65mm
The 9th Oslo 70mm festival
By Jan E Olsen
We hope our 70mm Festival presented in our newly renovated cinema will make you remember cinema-going from a time long ago, and enjoy unforgettable moments in breathtaking and crystal clear large format pictures.
"Windjammer" Red Carpet Event
By Jan E Olsen
Dave Strohmaier and Cinerama Inc. present the remastered version of Louis de Rochemont's CineMiracle Adventure "WINDJAMMER" at a gala event in Oslo, Norway in early May 2010
Movie Star Visits Copenhagen
By Thomas Hauerslev
Cinemiracle star S/S Christian Radich visits Copenhagen. See the images from a visit on the deck of the magnificent ship.
Images from the Christian Radich
By Thomas Hauerslev
S/S Christian Radich is a heaven for fans of polished brass. Join in70mm.com on a tour to the finest ship of its kind.
“Ben-Hur” 50th Anniversary
By Michael Coate
Commemorating the golden anniversary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1959 production of “Ben-Hur”
“Sleeping Beauty” 50th Anniversary
By Michael Coate
Commemorating the golden anniversary of Walt Disney’s production of “Sleeping Beauty”
Gunman takes 'Jedi' print OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (UPI)
A gunman with the scruples of a Darth Vader held a movie projectionist captive for two hours and stole a copy of the film "Return of the Jedi," apparently so he could make illegal copies of it.
Sensurround @ the Schauburg
5-6 June, the majestic Schauburg cinema in Karlsruhe (Germany) will host a 2-day Sensurround film festival - A World-Class event
So This Is Still Cinerama
By Chace Productions, Inc
Cinerama, the format that earned it's designer, Fred Waller, the nickname "The Man Who Blew Up The Movies", made a return engagement to Chace Productions in the fall of 1998.
Sound level in the Broadway Theatre
Wentworth D Fling
Since the opening of "This is Cinerama" in the Broadway Theatre, there has been a lot of discussion about whether the sound is too loud.
Roadshow Engagements of "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"
By Michael Coate
Here is a list of the original roadshow runs of Stanley Kramer’s epic large-format comedy "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".
“Grease” is Still the Word
By Michael Coate
“The Dolby sound is terrific. This is a film that exhibitors might well play at higher sound levels for greater audience involvement.” — A.D. Murphy, Variety
D-150, Coliseum, London
By Harry Rigby
I have just come across these two photos I took at the Coliseum in London. It shows the D150 lens nicely.
Tysons Cinema, Vienna, Virginia, USA
By Bob Collins
I recently found some old photos I had taken from the projection booth of a theatre I was managing in 1978.
Speech for John Harvey
By Richard Greenhalgh
Recipient of The Academy of the Widescreen Weekend's Roll of Honor. A projectionist, phenomenal collector, showman and Cinerama enthusiast extraordinaire.
"Mr. Cinerama" in Bradford
Richard Greenhalgh
Sunday night the International Cinerama Society will put on a program about the history of Cinerama. It should be a grand time.
Meeting Abel, Baker, and Charlie: The 2010 Bradford Widescreen Weekend
By Jim Barg
It was a trip that I had been planning in my mind forever, but I got lost from Forster Square to the Midland Hotel.
"Inception" in 65mm
By Steve Weintraub
We went to the next best thing which was 65mm. So we have the highest quality image of any film that’s being made.
Which cinema?
By Thomas Hauerslev
in70mm.com recently received 6 images of a large unknown 70mm cinema. Maybe the readers of in70mm.com can identify the cinema?
The Cinema Museum, London
By Mark Lyndon
Housed in the historic former Lambeth Workhouse, where Charlie Chaplin had spent a traumatic childhood, the Museum boasts one of the most impressive collections of cinema memorabilia in the world.
Cinerama Showcase
By Jim Barg
The idea was to be able to show film in every possible format. We had 35mm, we had 70mm, why not Cinerama?
The passing of Karl Malkames
By Dennis Doros
Karl Malkames, a cinematographer, inventor, film historian and pioneering motion picture film preservationist, died March 8th at his home in Scarsdale, N.Y. He was 83 years old.
KRRR! 5th 70mm Film Fest Krnov
By Jakub Klima
The Kino Mir 70 theatre will again be the meeting point for 70mm film enthusiasts from many European counties.
5th 70mm film festival in Krnov: say KRRR! wide and aloud!
By Jakub Klima
It was for the fifth time that lovers of widescreen entertainment can enjoy another 70mm event which took place in Krnov during first weekend in April 2010
Original 6-track Mix Recovered and Restored for West Side Story
Chace Audio By Deluxe
the film helped to establish 6-track stereo sound for the 70mm format, yet the original ground breaking 6-track soundtrack has not been heard in the past 30 years.
"Captain EO" returning to Disneyland in 70mm
Associated Press
Disney's Heather Rivera says Disneyland will show a 70mm print of the 17-minute movie in the Tomorrowland theater.
The Lost Dominion 70mm Film Festival
By Paul Gordon
The Lost Dominion Screening Collective is proud to present the first annual 70mm Film Festival at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Sept. 24-26th 2010, Museum of Civilization, Quebec.
Limited Time Offer, 70mm T-shirt
By Wolfram Hannemann
have constantly been asked by widescreen enthusiasts whether my 70mm t-shirt would be available for sale. I have decided to give it a try, and will offer a limited special edition of the „70mm“ t-shirt.
Fabulous Technicolor! - A History of Low Fade Color Print Stocks
By Les Paul Robley
Technicolor was a major color film process in Hollywood from 1922-1952. Not only did it afford a richer, almost 3-dimensional look to film, but it possessed one very cool quality: It was virtually fade proof!
A History of Widescreen and Wide-Film Projection Processes
By Les Paul Robley
To supplement 70mm screenings in Los Angeles in April 2008, I thought it might be appropriate to chronicle a brief history of widescreen and wide-film highlights from the birth of cinema to the present day.
VistaVision Introductions
Von Wolfram Hannemann
Einmal mehr laden wir Sie ein zu einer Reise in die Vergangenheit, als das gute alte Hollywood noch Hollywood war und sich mit wahrem Ideenreichtum gegen die drohende Konkurrenz des Fernsehens zur Wehr setzte.
„Erdbeben“ in der Schauburg
Von Wolfram Hannemann
Es muss fast 30 Jahre her sein, dass ich "ERDBEBEN" (OT: "EARTHQUAKE") zum ersten Mal gesehen habe, als der Film hier in Deutschland in die Kinos kam. "ERDBEBEN" hat mich sehr beeindruckt.
Berg der Kinoträume: Paramounts VistaVision
Von Christian Appelt
Die amerikanische Filmindustrie suchte eine Lösung für ein kaum lösbares Problem: Wie war der Rückgang des Kinobesuchs zu stoppen?
VistaVision Review
Von Werner Neuner
Am 6.+7.Juni 2009 fand das 2.Widescreen-Festival in Karlsruhe in der Schauburg statt. Dieses Mal war das Motto „VistaVision, Technicolor und Perspecta Sound“.
"Earthquake" at the Schauburg
By Wolfram Hannemann
It must have been almost 30 years ago that I first saw "Earthquake" during its initial release here in Germany. "Earthquake" made a huge impression on me.
Roadshow ways to Milan and Melzo: The 70mm Festival Italy 2009
By Jean-Pierre Gutzeit
I was Invited to Milan by Mrs. Luisa Comencini, Fondazione Cineteca Italiana, for the festival „70mm - Bigger than Life” to supplement that project with several 70mm prints and suggestions.
Movie Magic Tour
By Pfeiffer and Worrall
A British movie location tour no classic movie lover will want to miss. The Movie Magic Tour will encompass exciting locations, events and a Cinerama screening.
MCS-70 Superpanorama Camera for sale
By Thomas Hauerslev
Antique Camera in Paris, France are selling a vintage MCS 65mm camera. Something for the readers of in70mm.com?
Masking Configuration for 70mm Screens
By 65/70mm Workshop
The importance of screen masking generally should not be underestimated or neglected, as it performs an important technical function in enhancing the contrast of projected images.
65/70mm Rules
By Rick Mitchell
Last night at a special program at UCLA's Bridges Theater devoted to unusual film picture and sound formats, two examples of 65mm origination and 70mm presentation were shown.
Spain & "Jesus Christ Superstar"
By Miguel Carrara
Madrid, 1973. Two years prior the death of Franco. The catholic church was still very powerful in the opinion of the common people, and naturally, "Jesus Christ Super Star" was banned.
Fred Waller's 1950 Diary
By Thomas Hauerslev

Fred Waller's 1950 desk calendar. A fascinating account about who is visiting Cinerama and Vitarama.
Sensurround film Festival, Karlsruhe
By Thomas Hauerslev
June 2010 Come and experience all Sensurround films during one loud weekend
6. Todd-AO 70mm-Festival 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany
By Thomas Hauerslev
Schauburg Kino, Karlsruhe
October 2009. 70mm films presented in all their screen splendour.
Tricky Hollywood...
By Volker Hannemann
Did you know that parts of "King Of Kings" were filmed in Camera 65 ? I bet you didn't :-)
This is Cinerama...at the London Casino
W. G. Altria
The London Casino Theatre was selected, after an exhaustive survey, as the best available in London for the showing of Cinerama. Nevertheless, considerable difficulties had to be overcome to make it entirely suitable for the purpose.
Using the Cinerama Camera
By Harry Squires
The Cinerama camera presents problems not found in other motion picture cameras. The following material is a discussion of the features that have been observed or points of knowledge that have been gained from experience in using the camera.
Matchline Elimination
By Richard C Babish
Matchline elimination begins in the camera and continues through the film handling process to the final projection. In the camera, four possible sources of trouble exist. These are edge vignetting, or masking, edge reflection, scratching and pressure exposure.
The Waller Flexible Gunnery Trainer
By Fred Waller
Before Cinerama, there was The Waller Gunnery Trainer. The Trainer was used by the U. S. Army Air Corps, U. S. Navy. and the British for the final training and retraining of machine gunners.
How I Became A Trick Photographer
By Fred Waller
D. W. Griffith wanted a cyclone to destroy a distant Village, sweep clean a country side leaving destruction in its make and at a cross road destroy a particular Inn in a particular way. I was asked to make a cyclon and film it and quick too.
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